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Agency Partnership Advantages

A collaborative approach to building the best team for your organization.

Establishing a successful partnership with the right specialized agency can provide your organization with a competitive edge when it comes to securing top talent. Working together with a clear understanding of your goals for each opportunity, Sherpa can become an integral component of your hiring process. From a cost to value perspective, teaming up with an effective agency offers you a streamlined process that provides customizable, yet “just-in-time” solutions to your diverse human capital needs. When you choose to partner with Sherpa, you can expect:

  • Thorough screening: A good agency will complete an exhaustive screening of their candidates prior to presenting them to you. At Sherpa, our process entails multiple reference checks, relevant job-related testing, and criminal/background checks. Although time consuming, such a complete screening process is critical to ensure the right fit of talent to opportunity.
  • EEO compliance: Equal Employment Opportunity isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the law. Effective agencies prioritize employees’ awareness of all Equal Employment Opportunity Commission mandates before they meet with candidates. You can be certain our candidates have been objectively evaluated and treated fairly before ultimately being presented to you.
  • Size and quality of talent pool: Specialized agencies work daily to build networks of readily “placeable” candidates in the practice areas they serve. Sherpa’s professional recruiters and account managers not only know the market, they are fully invested in it. By maintaining active involvement and serving in leadership roles in both business and industry-specific professional organizations we continually add to our “second to none” referral network. Additionally, we are kept in tune with “in demand” skills, fresh opportunities and maintain constant contact to hard to reach passive job seekers.
  • Time savings: It can take you weeks or even months to filter resumes, complete initial phone and face-to-face interviews, conduct background/reference checks, and narrow down candidates to your final selection. When working with our agency, you communicate the screening criteria for each opportunity and we proceed accordingly. With a minimal time commitment from you, we do the footwork and you are presented with only the most qualified “right fit” candidates.
  • Productivity increases: Like Sherpa, effective specialized agencies select the most qualified candidates to enter into their talent pool. These candidates have proven, recent work experience in their fields of practice. Our candidates are able to “on board” and add value to your team quickly by “hitting the ground running”, often with little training necessary.

Maintaining a productive working relationship with your agency is mainly an exercise in effective communications. Simply put, the agency relationship can be maximized by engaging in:

  • Clear, honest communication of opportunities and expectations: By providing us with information about the climate and culture of your business and detailed requirements for your opportunities, you equip us with the tools we need to find guaranteed fits for your organization. It’s also important to inform us of any expected time frames or deadlines for the hiring process for each opportunity, should they exist.
  • Open feedback: We like to know how we are doing and a good agency will check in on a regular basis to inquire about immediate opportunities, future needs, or to perform a quality check of current placements. Your feedback guides our direction, so it’s important that you let us know what we (or our employees) are doing right and where improvement may be needed. You should feel free to contact us at any time to offer feedback or to discuss our services.

In short, our agency should be an asset and an active part of your recruitment and retention strategy. When you hire the right people, you gain a competitive edge when it comes to managing human capital and maximizing your ROI in it.