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Common Reasons for Turnover

Have you ever been surprised by a resignation?

Unexpected turnover has likely affected most businesses at some point. Why do employees choose to leave? By understanding the motives behind resignations, employers can develop strategies to control costly, disruptive turnover. The most common concerns cited by job seekers to recruiters generally fall into the following four categories:

1. The job itself and prospects for the future

  • Limited opportunities for upward advancement
  • Company not doing well, future stability uncertain
  • Have stopped learning, no longer being challenged
  • Have been doing the same job too long
  • Work is too routine, want more projects
  • Big organizations: Want the chance to see the big picture, job is too narrow
  • Small organizations: Want more opportunity for growth in the future
  • Want to have more impact on the organization

2. Company, culture and communication

  • Organization doesn't value the accounting department
  • Tools and technology are out of date
  • Department is understaffed
  • No cross training, have to work twice as hard to catch up after a vacation
  • No time to be proactive, always putting out fires
  • Lack of communication about goals, deadlines, job openings and company direction
  • Want to work for a company that is fun
  • Company doesn't trust its employees
  • Job not as described during interview

3. Personal needs

  • Reduced travel time
  • Less stress
  • Better work/life balance
  • More money

4. Complaints about management style

  • Lack of recognition for contributions
  • Micromanagement, rather than autonomy
  • Lack of timely feedback and reviews
  • Disorganization and crisis mode, with no time to make things better
  • Responsibility without authority
  • Interesting work isn't delegated
  • Criticizing in front of others
  • Boss is inconsistent and unfair
  • Boss isn't honest or straight-forward
  • Long hours are a "badge of honor". People are judged by hours not results.