Phone Interview Tips

Following simple guidelines can prevent phone interview flops.

Phone interviews are as equally important as in-person interviews and are just as easy to flop. Simple things, such as dropped calls, not knowing company information, background noise, and being unprepared to answer interview questions can keep you from getting the job. Review these suggestions to make sure your phone interviews take you to the next step in the hiring process.

  • Conduct research on the job and the company. The more you know about each, the smoother the interview will go.
  • Tailor a checklist of your qualifications for the job. Additionally, keep a copy of your resume nearby so you can refer to it as needed.
  • Rehearse your answers for typical questions. Prepare for typical interview questions by rehearsing your answers to avoid “ums”, “uhs”, and “okays”. Additionally, pause and collect your thoughts before answering and be concise.
  • Use a land line. Unless your cell phone service is perfect and doesn’t drop calls, use a land line to avoid unnecessary interruptions.
  • Remove any distractions. Interview in a quiet place so you can devote your full attention to your interviewer.
  • Keep a glass of water handy. There is nothing worse than having a dry mouth or being on the verge of a coughing spell when trying to talk on the phone. Have water nearby in case you need to refresh your mouth.
  • Take notes. It can be challenging to remember a conversation after the fact, so take notes during the interview.
  • Focus, listen, and enunciate. Be sure to focus all of your attention on the interview even though it is over the phone. Listen to the questions carefully, ask for clarification if needed, and be careful not to interrupt the interviewer.
  • Project attentive body language and smile. It may sound silly to sit up straight or smile when the interviewer can’t see you, but it will create a better impression. The interviewer will be able to hear the positive and attentive inflection in your voice.
  • Prepare questions you want answered. Be ready to ask any appropriate questions you may have at this stage of the hiring process.
  • Follow up. After the interview, always send a thank you note via email, thanking the interviewer for their time and emphasize your continued interest in the position.