Sherpa Financial Consulting

In an era of unprecedented demands on the accounting and finance professions, many companies are finding it difficult to accomplish critical financial and accounting initiatives. Forced to do more with less, many firms lack the bandwidth or available high-level skills to meet their needs. For companies looking for a simple, efficient and effective solution, Sherpa Financial Consulting is the answer. Sherpa Financial Consulting specializes in providing senior level accounting and finance professionals on a project and interim basis.

Our pool of project-ready professionals is filled with diverse skill sets and real world experience. These consultants are available to take on critical initiatives on a just in time basis, helping companies meet deadlines on budget and on time. Many companies deploy these resources to provide strategic guidance to execute a project faster and more cost effectively. Other firms augment existing staff headcount and skills with specialized competencies without adding overhead costs.

For clients, using Sherpa Financial Consulting also has a value-added component, as our professionals share their skills and industry expertise with full-time staff, creating a lasting impact without a long-term employment commitment. Because Sherpa does not offer external audit or other attestation services, clients can use our consultants to avoid conflicts of interest.

Sherpa is a strategic partner to Financial Executives International-- the premier professional organization for senior level corporate financial executives.