Are you putting your job search on hold? Not so fast.

By Greg Whitesell, Marketing Director

Should I put my job search on hold?  Indeed, many job seekers are pondering this question right now. Our advice? No. 

Yes, coronavirus is disrupting the business world, but there are reasons for job seekers to stay optimistic. It’s important to remember two things:

  • this disruption is temporary
  • top talent is always in demand

As a candidate, it isn’t time to give up or to stop thinking about your future.  With that said, here are three tips we think job seekers need to hear right now.

Don’t put your job search on pause.

Job hunting is stressful and the crisis adds an extra challenge, however, many employers haven’t stopped hiring.  Companies are still conducting business (remotely in many situations) and getting their bearings on this “new norm”.  Many are currently viewing this interruption as just that – an interruption. 

What does that mean for job seekers?  Apply for jobs and send your resume to recruiters and hiring managers.   In a time when other candidates may decide to halt their career search your resume might stand a better chance of landing in the hands of the right person.

Be patient.

Employers have been dealt an unexpected hand.  To keep business moving they are:

  • dealing with HR issues like new leave regulations and employee needs
  • managing efforts to go remote if possible
  • meeting existing deadlines
  • keeping an eye on financials and cash flow

This means that as a candidate, you may not get an immediate reply.  Don’t take a slow response as a reason to craft a bad review of a potential employer or agency partner. As things evolve, companies may have needs for skills they don’t have on hand or additional talent to get caught up.  

As employers evaluate their needs just be patient.  Keep the faith that smart employers know that even amid uncertainty, there’s always a market for proven performers. 

Companies who want to put themselves in the best position to emerge from this with a competitive edge know that talent is the key.  They also know that normally elusive passive candidates suddenly have the time and privacy to apply for their jobs. 

Be proactive and broaden your skills.

Today’s options for digital learning are plentiful. Making time to learn new skills can increase your marketability once business is back to normal.  LinkedIn’s “LinkedIn Learning” presents a great repository for professionals of all genres.  Check out sites like for HR professionals, for Accounting , for Project Managers, etc. to explore learning opportunities.  Seek to acquire skills that were hot as we entered this crisis – odds are, they’ll be hot again and you’ll be poised to impress.

In conclusion, employers are still hiring and we’re hopeful for a speedy (and safe) return to normal. Whether you are contemplating a career move or already actively searching, stay positive and focused. To see current opportunities we’re working on, visit our Career Portal.

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