Tips for Closing an Interview

Considering the amount of preparation a job seeker puts in the process, closing an interview deserves to be more than an afterthought. Effective questions and a strong closing statement can help set a candidate apart. It’s clear, you should establish a strategy for closing any interview. As a part of this strategy, you will want to prepare relevant questions and a closing statement that reinforces your interest in the position and makes you memorable.

Ask good questions.

Asking pertinent questions during the interview is every bit as important as answering questions and will leave hiring managers with a favorable impression.  In general, the interviewer should do the majority of the questioning, however, there will be time for you to ask yours and you’ll want to avoid looking like you put no consideration into them.  In addition to helping employers determine if you’re the right match for the job, insightful questions show them you are organized, prepared and serious about the role.

The following are some questions that you might ask:
  • May I ask why this position is open?
  • In your opinion, what are the greatest challenges offered by this position?
  • How do you define success for the employee in this position?
  • Do you have any reservations or concerns about my qualifications for this position?

Keep in mind that asking questions about compensation, vacation and benefits are generally not appropriate during a first interview, but will come into play as you advance further in the interview process.

Set yourself apart.

Most candidates close an interview by saying something like: 

”I am interested and look forward to hearing from you.”

 While acceptable, consider making your closing your interview more powerfully by not only telling the company that you are interested, but also why you are interested.  Point out specifics about why you are a strong fit for the role and, most of all, tell them you want the job.

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