Talent Manager and Recruiter Synergy Yields Effective Hiring

As recruiters, we understand the complementary role hiring managers play in the hiring process.  Through collaboration, we can best identify the key skills needed for open roles within their hiring scope. Here are three ways this vital partnership can lead to effective hiring results:

Initial Job Requirements Discussion:

Recruiters and hiring managers should have an open dialogue at the beginning of the hiring process to discuss the specific skills and qualifications required for the open role. Hiring managers can provide insights into the technical skills, soft skills, and experience necessary for success in the position. Recruiters can then translate this information into clear job descriptions and candidate profiles, ensuring alignment between the hiring manager’s expectations and the recruiting strategy.  According to Scott Pullen, AVP for Staffing Services at Sherpa, “When hiring managers and recruiters set proper expectations early in the hiring process it drastically increases the retention rate of the candidates who are ultimately hired”.  

Collaborative Candidate Profile Development:

Once the initial job requirements are established, recruiters and hiring managers should collaborate to create a comprehensive candidate profile that outlines the ideal qualifications and attributes for the role. This profile should go beyond a list of technical skills and include factors such as cultural fit, personality traits, and potential for growth within the organization. By working together to develop this profile, savvy recruiters and effective hiring managers can ensure that they are targeting candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also align with the company’s values and long-term objectives.

Effective Hiring via Feedback and Adjustment: 

“Throughout the hiring process, recruiters and hiring managers should maintain open communication and provide feedback to each other based on the candidates they encounter”, says Sherpa’s Brittany Nelson, Division Director for HR, Marketing and Executive Support.  “When recruiters notice trends in the skills, qualifications, or salary expectations of candidates aren’t aligning with the hiring manager’s expectations, they should communicate this feedback promptly. Doing so enables adjustments to be made to the sourcing and screening strategies.” Similarly, hiring managers should provide feedback on the candidates they interview, helping recruiters refine their search criteria and better understand the evolving needs of the team.

Recruiters and hiring managers can collaborate to pinpoint the key skills needed for open roles and identify the best candidates to fill them by working together to define job requirements, develop candidate profiles, and provide ongoing feedback. This effective hiring partnership streamlines the talent acquisition process and ensures that new hires are well-suited to contribute to the success of the organization.

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