A staffing firm can benefit your business. Here is how.

If you’re a hiring manager in today’s ever-changing job market, it is likely you are keenly aware that filling job opportunities isn’t fast or easy and is often stressful.  You know that empty seats can mean a logjam of work which can lead to reduced morale, customer dissatisfaction, even missed goals for your organization.  Although there are many ways partnering with a staffing firm can be invaluable to your organization’s talent acquisition process, we’ve pinpointed 5 that are particularly advantageous.

Sourcing Qualified Candidates

An effective staffing partner can help you find, attract and hire the right candidates for your open roles.  Because staffing firms focus only on talent acquisition, they are always sourcing talent for a variety of roles in their focus areas.  According to Candice Otey, a senior Accounting and Finance recruiter at Sherpa, “I am able to help employers cast a wide net and often expedite their hiring process because of the volume of qualified candidates I connect with on a daily basis. As a former CFO, I’m uniquely qualified to ask probing and detailed questions to ensure that candidates have the experience they claim in their resume. This enables me to present a high quality short-list of candidates to my clients.”

Saving Time and Money

The expression “time is money” is particularly true in hiring.  By handing off the recruiting process to a staffing partner, you’ll spend less time and money on recruiting, vetting, and interviewing candidates who don’t fit.  It can take hours to read hundreds of resumes, but in less than an hour you can review a vetted few that meet your requirements for experience, soft skills, and compensation. Engaging the staffing firm to do these tasks streamlines the hiring process and allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Enhanced Flexibility

Staffing firms can provide you with temporary, contract, or permanent employees depending on your needs. This can be particularly helpful for seasonal or project-based work – and also during times of economic uncertainty or instability in the job market.  Maureen Smith, a Senior Account Manager at Sherpa notes that by utilizing contractors, a company can “keep costs in check, expedite the hiring process, fill skills gaps, and easily respond to business or procedural changes”.

Expert Advice

The specialized knowledge and expertise a staffing firm has in recruiting and hiring, including legal compliance and best practices, is a major perk of using one. The right partner can help you navigate complex HR issues, ensure that you are hiring the right candidates and provide invaluable, localized insights about the hiring market, compensation, benefits and more.

Risk Reduction

By using a staffing firm, a business can reduce the risk of making a bad hire.  The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the average cost of a bad hire to be at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year expected earnings.  Put simply, an employee hired at $50,000 who doesn’t work out can cost the firm as much as $15,000.  Staffing firms often offer guarantees or replacements for candidates who do not meet your expectations or who leave the job within a certain period of time – mitigating the risk.

In conclusion, a staffing firm can help your business by providing you with access to a larger pool of qualified candidates, saving you time and money, providing flexibility, offering expertise, and reducing the risk of making a bad hire. To learn more about working with Sherpa as your staffing partner, visit our Employers page at https://sherpallc.com/employers/

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