Your Resume can be Longer: Debunking the One-Page Myth

By Scott Pullen, AVP – Staffing Services

In the realm of job hunting, the “one-page resume” rule has long been the gospel – but in reality, your resume can be longer. Let’s face it: when it comes to showcasing your skills, experience, and achievements, limiting yourself to a single page can be quite a challenge. Let’s debunk the one-page myth and shed light on why a one-page resume isn’t always best.

Quality over Quantity

The one-page resume rule is rooted in the idea that busy hiring managers have limited time to review each document. While not baseless, it’s important to remember that quality should take precedence over quantity. If a longer resume allows you to add context, elaborate on accomplishments, and demonstrate fitness for the role, so be it. A recent CNBC piece pointed out that “a one-page resume for candidates with several years of experience can inadvertently shortchange them by condensing jobs instead of highlighting them.”

Tailoring Matters

Gone are the days of sending a generic resume to every job application. Showcase your enthusiasm for landing the job and increase your chances of getting noticed by applicant tracking systems by tailoring yours. According to Indeed, when you customize your resume to the job you also emphasize the employers needs and emphasize how you can meet them.

Set Yourself Apart by Highlighting Achievements

Your resume should chronicle your professional journey, complete with unique milestones and accomplishments. If you stick to a one-page rule, you might be forced to omit significant measurable achievements. As a result, another candidate could appear better qualified.

Your Progress Deserves Recognition

Your career progression is a testament to your adaptability and growth. A longer format allows you to showcase the evolution of your skills, responsibilities, and roles over time. This can be especially advantageous if you’re transitioning between industries. It’s also true if you are seeking a more senior role where breadth of experience is valued.

Showcasing Your Diversity

If you’ve got a diverse employment background, a longer resume can help you shine. This is particularly true if you’re looking to demonstrate versatility and a wide-ranging skill set. A longer format lets you spotlight career achievements and have space to highlight relevant internships, freelance work, or side projects.

Formatting Matters

While breaking free from the one-page limit, it’s important to maintain a clean and easily scannable resume. Use headings, bullet points, and concise language to keep the reader engaged. A well-structured and organized document will showcase your professionalism and make the review process easier for recruiters.

The Takeaway

In the modern job market, where personal branding and differentiation are crucial, the idea that your resume must be confined to a single page is a limitation that needs to be rethought. Remember, your resume is a marketing tool, and its length should reflect the complexity and value you bring to the table.

Scott Pullen, MBA, leads Sherpa’s Accounting and Financial Staffing and HR, Marketing and Executive Support teams. LinkedIn with Scott at

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