Charlotte-based recruiting firm, Sherpa, names Lisa Hildreth Partner, Managing Director.

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Will focus on strategic growth and assist in directing staffing and consulting services. Charlotte, NC:  The founders of Charlotte-based recruiting, staffing and consulting firm, Sherpa, have announced that senior leader, Lisa Hildreth, was named a partner in the business in January. Hildreth launched her recruiting career 30 years ago and joined Sherpa in 2010 to…

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New job in your plans?  Here is where to start.

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It’s a new year and you’ve finally decided the time is right to search for a new job.  Obviously, you want to put your best foot forward so hiring managers and recruiters notice you, but where do you start? It starts with your resume. A well-crafted and up-to-date resume should be your first priority. Recruiters…

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Starting a Job Search? You Need to Know these 3 Things About Recruiters.

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By Greg Whitesell, Marketing Director Having a solid relationship with a good recruiting professional can give a job seeker a trusted partner and ally during their job search and ultimately throughout their career. Recruiters spend most of their day finding, recruiting and evaluating candidates for job opportunities. As a result of screening many resumes and…

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5 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day 2020

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As we prepare to celebrate the holiday weekend, we wanted to share five ideas from our team to make it memorable. Although Memorial Day 2020 looks quite different from years past, we are still fortunate to live in a country where freedom abounds. We are grateful for those who fought for our rights, those who…

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Are you putting your job search on hold? Not so fast.

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By Greg Whitesell, Marketing Director Should I put my job search on hold?  Indeed, many job seekers are pondering this question right now. Our advice? No.  Yes, coronavirus is disrupting the business world, but there are reasons for job seekers to stay optimistic. It’s important to remember two things: As a candidate, it isn’t time…

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Now more than ever, diversity matters.

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By Tania Mustafa, Talent Acquisition Expert   Last week, a candidate reached out to me while preparing for an upcoming interview.  She told me “This sounds like a great role, but I have a concern.”  In a candidate’s market, “concerns” quickly become disinterest. While exploring the employer’s website this candidate noticed it listed leadership team bios and, except for a single female, the team was not diverse.  The result?  In an…

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3 Luke Qualities to Apply in Your Workplace

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By Greg Whitesell, Marketing Director With our HQ in Charlotte in a building that sits two blocks from Bank of America Stadium and regularly sports an office full of Panther blue on Friday’s during football season – suffice it to say, our shade of blue is a bit different today.  Panther great Luke Keuchly announced…

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Benefits of Contract Employment

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According to a recent Marist/NPR poll, 1 in 5 American workers are now classified as contract employees. This equates to millions of individuals who earn their paychecks in roles that are suited to their specific employment needs. Without these critical resources, companies would find it extremely difficult to meet their talent demands and function efficiently.…

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Resume Tips: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

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Once you’ve nailed down the content and format of your resume, it’s time to to consider these 5 “Do’s” and “Don’ts”. An optimal resume is both informative and easy to read.  Consider the following when drafting your resume. Let’s start with the Don’ts And now the Don’ts

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